Homescreen-checklist view, wallpaper, libraries, and more


Apple have kept iOS to 14 are related to the innovations sure how you in on a little secret. His first major appearance of the new operating systems from Apple, yes, Yes, usually in the month of June at the developer conference WWDC. This year, the most relevant innovations seem to be, at least partially, in the run-up to the filter.

The flood of information in order for the iOS to 14, and, therefore, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 it was announced yesterday. The start of the test, the internal version of the operating system has found its way to the Public, and it is now served in the United States.

According to the Details, the innovations in the watchOS 7), and Notes about the all-new iPad features-such as handwriting recognition and support for the mouse, the website 9to5Mac has published reports that they are now more and more on innovation, with a view of the device. Currently, the following extensions have been known to:

  • This is a list view for the Home screen
    On the home screen of your iOS, you 14 should have a page that displays all of the Applications that are installed in the form of a list. The view is designed to provide a variety of options for sorting, such as in the “last used”. – The report of the U.S.
  • Background images from external sources
    the iOS 14, to allow the user to sort the available wallpaper pictures according to categories, such as “earth and moon” or “flower”. This would seem to provide the Basis for a greater variety of background images. Other third-party libraries can clearly be integrated directly into the iOS settings app.- The US-report
  • The Accessibility Of Additional
    In the area of accessibility, the iOS brings to 14 the mine has to be improved. For example, the iPhone can be the detectors, and then, with certain sounds, such as sirens, smoke Alarm, door bell, Clapping, or crying, all the children recognize it, and the people with the Hörfehlern this procedure. – The report of the U.S.

The Ios 14, To Wallpaper Library

Image: 9to5Mac

It should be noted, however, that the presence of these features in a test version of the iOS 14 no guarantee of publication. A lot of times already, Apple has tested the functions of weeks, and also for the audience, to move them, at the end of, or for the development of a complete set.