How stable is it with the Samsung Galaxy Z in Flip, is it? The CHIP is a large, Extremely Falttest

A week has passed since the Samsung Galaxy Z, the Flip has been completed in a self-building Lego robots for first folding operation. Today, the Fold has reached its goal of 200,000 Faltvorgängen. Samsung promises the same, after the amount of bending of an undamaged engine and is in operation.

We are now able to confirm that, Even after 200,000 Times of opening and closing of the Display screen, touch panel, and the folding mechanism is still as I wanted to. The display panel is in and of itself, it does not reveal imperfections such as dead pixels.

Only the mechanism of the folding suggests that this is the Z-Flip is already has a lot of creasing to the rear of The opening and the closing, it is something that is a little more flexible than that of a brand new Flip, and at a certain angle, the noise of the friction of the mechanism of folding can be observed. In the positions between the fully open and the fully open position, the hinge has a bit of a gamble.

However, the result is a massive increase from last year, the Galaxy Fold. As Samsung has proved with the Z-Flip is, in truth, the great works of art and engineering, Although it is a thin glass disk, and a new form-factor to the Fold, as everyday life proves to be capable, and resilient. As with the Samsung Galaxy Z, and Flip it to run independently of our Falttest you can read more in our detailed test report.