Huawei is in a crisis: US sanctions are beginning to bear fruit


A blessing in disguise: “in Spite of sanctions from the U.S., the Huawei looks back on a successful 2019 at the latest – as an opportunity to say thank you. This year, however, it seems like a dark place. The removal of the Android license, that makes the phone to give the manufacturers more and more.

As the president of the US, Huawei has at the end of last year, the so-called “black list”, it was quite a shock to the Chinese company. All of a sudden, access to the Google Play Store, and for the survival of the most important services of Google. At least at the time of the sanctions, the U.S. gave it to the Huawei, but it’s still a little bit of air to Breathe, as well as A Smartphone, including the P30-series, it has been briefly shown above, and then fled to the US, which is the spell and it sold very well.

Huawei is expected unless the number of sold devices

As it is now, but as the Android Authority is reporting, citing information. Therefore, Huawei is expected to close the year with a Minus of 20 percent in the Smartphone sales figures. Huawei 2019 would bring $ 240 million cell phones among the people, and ought to be, this year, only 190 million of the devices. Especially with the weak sales in Europe and other countries outside of the Chinese domestic market, to ensure that Huawei has sold less than a smart phone.

The reason for the sale is the weakness of it is clear: you do not have access to the Google Play Store and key Google Apps such as YouTube, Gmail, Huawei is likely to find it a little more appealing to the potential buyers, that you have found in the past.

The Smartphone is the Trend for the year 2020, he explains:

Huawei is working on an Alternative to the Google Play Store

Huawei, in and of itself, is working hard to improve his Play-Store-Alternative-so-called “AppGallery”. Thus, the manufacturer would like to make it, in the long term, as Google is. Even in your very own search engine, and the crew seems to be on the move. To get more Apps in the AppGallery, the bait Huawei app developer with the money, in comparison to the Google Play Store, the Developer could hold on to the Huawei App Store are up to 90 per cent of the total revenue.