Huawei’s P-Smart-Pro Pop-up camera-provides a rich-View-toll-free

Huawei's P-Smart-Pro Pop-up camera-provides a rich-View-toll-free
Image: Huawei

Huawei wants to bring about the end of March of the Smart Pro with a Triple to the camera, extendable Selfie camera, and a fingerprint sensor, for a price of about 280 € in Germany. The Smartphone runs Android 9.0 Of the Pie, and you can use Google’s services for it is closely related to the devices, such as Huawei’s ” P-Smart-Z, and the glory, 9.

The Q-Smart Pro that follows in the Raising Shift in strategy, which allows the company’s new Smartphones, with minor modifications in the techniques, however, include all of them in the Google in order to bring services to the market. The new Smartphone, such as the Kill-30 series, the fold-away Companion to the x or to the end of the first quarter is expected P40-a series, however, it must be re-certified, and it fails, therefore, to be the U.S. sanctions, which forbids the use of Google for the export of the technology for Huawei.

Huawei's P-Smart-Pro
Raising The P-Smart Pro (Image: Huawei)

The Q-Smart or a mixture of P-Smart-Z, and the glory, 9, revenue, Huawei is in addition to that, a Pop-up menu of the camera, so a slot is free and the Display is a modified version of the Triple-a camera added to it. In addition, the fingerprint sensor is located is no longer in the back, but it’s the right-hand side of the picture.

The three-camera, it uses a 48-Megapixel Sensor and the wide-angle lens, an 8-Megapixel Sensor, ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2 Megapixel depth Sensor of the camera, the image is added to the information that is gathered for the photo and the Bokeh effect on the number of layers to break down. For Selfies with a camera with 16 mega pixels, which then disappears when not in use, the housing rises above it to the left. As a result, the Display screen remains free of a Notch or recess in the Panel. For the first time, it’s a concept two years ago and, in addition, had been to the Apex.

The screen has a 6,59 a customs known to the diagonal of the sister models with 1080 x 2.340 pixels to the same resolution. At home Series-710 word processor, Huawei combines with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of expandable memory. If you want to use two Nano-SIM cards will have to do without the memory extension. The 4000 mAh battery of the Huawei that is up to 40 hours of telephone call, to 80 hours of music playback, 14 hours of surfing and 9 hours to Play the game.

Launched at the end of the first quarter, in three colors

Huawei’s P Smart Pro to come to at the end of March for a suggested retail price of 279 euros) in the color “Midnight Black” and “Breath-Crystal” in the German market.

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