“I decided that the majority of the compositions are mine”


Jacob Forever has shared a video on his account of Instagram which announces changes in the production of their music. The cuban singer has said that he decided to be the composer of most of their songs, as when he was part of the grouping Gente de Zona and between him and Alexander Delgado did you create your own themes.

“I decided this year that most all of the songs and all the compositions are mine. Before, when I was in the People Area, we were 10 years in the preference of many and the songs we were writing them down to Alexander and to my. All the songs, thank you to our audience, were a success and were written by us”, commented the artist.

However, “The Immortal” said that this determination will not mean a closure to the proposals that offer other artists or composers. Rather, what you want is “return to the times before” and the author of its simple.

“Today it is used much the co-authorship with other composers, but, despite the fact that I am still open to proposals and that they can keep sending all of the ideas you have, this year for the majority of my songs I want to return to the times before of Jacob Forever, and I promised myself that the majority are composed for me,” he added.

Jacob Forever was very happy for this new stage of his career and assured that it will not fail to give success to his followers: “truly I feel very happy and very happy, because many of them are coming out. We’re not going to launch songs, all months are going to come out one or two songs”.

In addition to learning of their decision, reguetonero gave the example of the good connection that it maintains with the artists of the genre urban and invited all who wished to join him in the next concert that take place in Cuba.

“Any artist that want to take appointment, are invited. Rise, sing if you have a theme or not, the stage is yours as well. Know that I get along with everyone, I don’t have problem with any. Always a lot of respect, ok? Jacob Forever to serve you and any collaboration, that always is a stick, with me can tell all my colleagues of the genre”, he concluded.