I get this OT! “The biggest scandal in history”


March 09, 2020
(16:30 CET)

It is not that this is precisely, among others because in each issue the same thing happens, that there are many who consider that in Operation Triumph there are always some contestants who have the support of the program beyond their voices.

And has now become the topic on the table. Aitana and Ana Wartwo of the singers most successful that has given the program, have decided to remain silent. And is that was not another that Samantha the who has starred in many negative comments in the social networks.

The mess in OT

It turns out that hours before the gala, the contestant had a strong collision with a teammate that left knee very sore. So much that even she herself arrived to ensure that he could not sing in the gala.

Finally, yes he did. Yes, only in his performance as a duo in which he was sitting, not in the group. A performance, yes you could carry out, which caused the jury nominate. And many saw there a chance to go for it on the net and take advantage of the occasion, bearing in mind that it is one of the most controversial, for it, throw it in the contest.

But finally, through Naomi Galerathe academy decided to save Samantha from the vote of the public. Surely they feared that the viewers cast their votes, so that the protected. Or at least that is what I think many of the haters of Samantha who, how, not, have left their opinions in social networks.

The biggest scandal in history”, “Another tongo in OT”, “Is that I do not hide”, “Unfortunate the treatment”, or “How to note that is the apple of the eyes of the academy” these are just some of the many comments in this regard.

Once more, and already are a few in the last editions, OT returns to be in the spotlight for his controversial in the galas.