iOS 14, new on-ear headphones hope to


In addition to the References on the new Features of the Apple Watch is also a test of the Over-the-Ear headphones that are in the source code for the iOS on 14 and it arrived. The previous estimate, and the Analyst-Based High-End Bluetooth headset, Apple iOS, and 14, and then I found an Icon for more information. The Icons can be found on the iOS, 14, in the battery Widget to your space. Since the Apple used for this, usually, is a true-to-life images of the device, it could be the Icon that is in the light, as well as an in-the-dark Design, and, therefore, is a clear indication.

To the contrary, the AirPods on the Over-Ear headsets, you may be in, as well as the icon next to the color White appears in the dark of the variable. How do you take, however, to one another in the Belief that the in-ear headphones under the Apple Brand, it’s that time of under the Beats Branding should seem to me, however, is unknown. Finally, a set of headphones in the Beats, in a similar Way they are displayed in the battery Widget. Since the glyph is different, however, from the previous headphones, you’re well on the Brand, it is too soon to new in-ear headphones can start to see.

We can’t wait to see you, most likely, to have similar Characteristics, such as an Apple will provide you with the AirPods. Since the in-ear headphones, until now, have been discovered in the iOS-14-Code, which is currently scheduled to Begin in the fall. Also, the wings beat the 4 should be, and that they should arrive a little bit earlier than that. They were in the pre-iOS-source-code.