iOS the 14: 9 in the iPhone, and the iPad Pro, the Code appeared


iOS the 14: 9 in the iPhone, and the iPad Pro, the Code appeared

In gesickertem the Code of the iOS, 14, the 9to5Mac present, Details of which have not yet been provided, but a rumor that the products placed on the market must exist. Including both iPhone a 9, a brand new iPad Pro, a new remote control for the Apple TV and the AirTags are.

iPhone 9 Touch, to IDENTIFY and Express Traffic

The information that is on the iOS, 14 and 9 iPhone, to confirm the recent rumors of what the iPhone 9 in addition, the Touch ID, which will be offered to you. It also confirms that Apple will be using the Design planned for the iPhone, an 8, as the Hardware should come with the iPhone, ipad, and 11 (Per capita). On the iPhone 9 and it, unlike the iPhone 6, as Apple, for example, to change the Bentley – plus, it’s the Apple Pay function on the “Express Road” with the help of NFC payments in the transport, it can be done, but that the iPhone needs to be jailbroken. As long as the iPhone is 9, to appear this spring, before the iOS is 14, which is scheduled for the autumn, the Smartphone is also in the Code of iOS to 14.

The iPad Pro is a Triple-chamber

The new iPad Pro, which is the Code for the iOS 14, which shows that it is set in a single chamber. The camera system, which shall include, in addition to a wide – angle or Ultra-wide-angle lens, and a Sensor for Time-of-Flight-3D-Sensor (ToF), which would represent a significant change to your current iPad Pro, which uses a single camera. For the Tof Sensor, and new features for Augmented Reality to be able to.

Brand new remote control for the Apple TV

It is already rumored that Apple is working on a new Apple TV. The Code for the iOS, with 14 points right now, but, in addition, a new remote control will come in. The details of how much is a new remote as the current model, however, are not to be found in the Code.

AirTags, with a replaceable battery

The rumored Bluetooth Tracker for Apple’s so-called AirTag, so as to function as a Mosaic, the Tracker also appear in the iOS 14. You must have a replaceable battery and iOS is also a number of set up. The AirTags you should be able to get a sound out of, you can find them more easily again. Users of current iPhones should you can also about the Augmented Reality in the living room to find it.