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The ex-Nokia to offer HERE, and that is operated under the name ” HERE-WeGo is now available from the car manufacturers, BMW, Audi, and Daimler is not as well known as Tom, is still as popular as Google Maps, and it is, but as a spur to innovation, effect on the Xenon market.

According to the Bike is installed, a new point-of-view of the Surrounding area, and a number of minor updates introduced to the App today, now it’s also a CarPlay-an extension that extends into the card output to a compatible car radio on.

The text of the description of the update for Version 2.0.53, and he said:

HERE, WeGo supports CarPlay! Now, you can use the navigation feature from HERE, and WeGo on the built-in Display in your car. You just have to create a connection to your phone and open it, HERE WeGo, and have the benefit of your vehicle, from the Navigation to the top of his class. To inform you regularly about the new WeGo-features, which will be published on the CarPlay.

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HERE-WeGo – in-city Navigation
HERE-WeGo – in-city Navigation
Developer: the HERE Apps, LLC.

Price: Free Of Charge

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