It’s flying dishes! Queen Letizia is fight with him. Ultimatum bomb, And he changes everything!


Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI | EFE

March 09, 2020
(13:55 CET)

The Queen Letizia there has never been a monarch power. It is not one of those who follow the protocol to the letter. Before that Queen is a woman, and don’t like being told what to do.

Nor to whom to snuggle. If there is someone you don’t want in your house, like any son of neighbor, vein your input and point. He has No desire to hold who doesn’t want to. A lot has had to endure ex Spanish Television for that at this stage, imposed any law.

Queen Letizia, questioned

Its humble origin as the granddaughter of a taxi driver and selling of tobacco, and that he was divorced before consummating his marriage with Felipe VI has done that on more than one occasion has been questioned both in the Royal Family of Spain as in some of Europe. There are many who have never understood that the heir of the crown of Spain join with a future Queen with ‘past’.

Hence Letizia we have had to make strong. And is that are many looks juzgándola which it has had to endure.


And since then, that it is not willing to endure is that the judge with the amount of filthy rags that are coming out of the Bourbons and, more specifically, about your father-in-law, the king emeritus Juan Carlos I. Zarzuela is a powder keg about to explode where flying dishes.

Letizia is plant

The information that are emerging in the wake of the commissions in black that would have charged and that would have led to Switzerland has been the straw that broke the camel for a Letizia that is sick and tired of being the talk of the press because of the irresponsibility of the father of her husband. And is that one thing are the infidelities, annoying, but are bearable. In the end, the ridiculed here is Sofia.

What does not seem so well is that is accused of corrupt to the Royal House today she, together with Felipe VI, represents. Something that has transferred to the Head of State, which has put the ultimatum. You want to be as far as possible Juan Carlosas it relates to the least extent possible with the Kings of Spain. If not, you will have to do a thought. And maybe the suitcases.

felipe vi and letizia in your car