Jacob Forever premieres the remix of “put on” next to Enzo Melody Secret


After creating a huge expectation among his followers with a number of advances in their social networks, finally the cuban singer of urban music Jacob Forever launched the remix of the single Ponte, in collaboration with the young reguetonero Enzo “The Melody of secrets”.

The subject has been presented via the YouTube channel “The Immortal” of the hand of a video clip to the most pure style home. The audiovisual material collected part of the creation of the song took place in the recording studios that owns the reguetonero at his residence in Miami (Florida) and it can be seen both performers giving voice to their respective audio tracks.

As almost always seems to happen with every one of their premieres, Jacob Forever she invited her fans to hearing your new proposal and took the opportunity to ask them what they had to say and leave reflected their opinions with comments.

“Put on as you like. My people, do you already heard Ponte Remix went hard with Enzo Melody Secret, go to my YouTube channel to see it if you have not seen it and they tell me that they found it”, wrote the singer in his account of Instagram along with a snippet of the music video.

The request of the singer urban became orders, and many were the spectators who came to the publication to let some of the words in which they express their reactions after listening to Please.

“Spectacular, how rich is Ponte”, “You are the animal, tremendous stick”, “Terrific”, “Hard that remix”, “Always active, I love that song”, “Woooohh… I surrender to you”, “I love you music despite the fact that I am an old lady of 70 years, kisses blessings”, “Always yes to all your songs, you are the best without a doubt”, there are several reactions that have left their fans and they have earned the ‘like’ of one’s own Jacob Forever.