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Jennifer Lawrence tells for the first time the details of his wedding


The actress has already chosen the date, the location and the wedding dress of your dreams. Here is everything we at the wedding of Jennifer Lawrence with Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence finally released some details about his upcoming wedding with fiancé Cooke Maroney.

The couple was always very private, but lately, the actress has decided something for the fans, and give them little details about his love life.

According to the definition Cooke Maroney “the best person I’ve ever met in my entire life“in an interview a few days ago, lthe actress has now begin to tell that the details of the imminenete marriage.

**Jennifer Lawrence, the friend Cooke Maroney speaks**

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Here is what raccontanto has the actress

Jennifer Lawrence he is already planning the special day, the day of the weddingand raccontanto has some of the details during the podcast Naked with Catt Sadler yesterday evening.

It was the first time that Lawrence opened the the details of his wedding with Maroneybut from the voice you could say, he could not have been more thrilled.

The Lawrence has not added, to get married, before you had him once a distant idea, then knew him.

We wanted to marry each other, we were fully together. And he is also my best friend, and therefore I would like to narrow it would like to keep, and it to me legally for always, because you can’t run away,” revealed the actress, laughing.

In terms of the details of the wedding, Jennifer Lawrence, some of the information gave the fans, but without going into too much detail.

Has raccontanto have chose a place and found the perfect wedding dress, always wanted to.

Not to reveal but decided to check the date and the exact location have to, as much as possible for privacy.

Jennifer has all the intentions to legally take the last name of the future husband; she has, however, confirmed that, as with many other Actresses, retains her maiden name for professional purposes.

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