Kiko Hernández cover the “canallada” to this star of Telecinco: “We have been loaded”


Kiko Hernández

March 09, 2020
(15:35 CET)

Kiko Hernandez keeps a great contact with Mercedes Milá, after you have managed to be placed in the media. Has always recognized that she was her teacher and the first person related to the world of television with which he had contact. Is of the most learned. At that time Catalan was the driver of the reality star Telecinco, however, in the edition of Kiko Hernández was at the front of Pepe Navarro. And for many years it remained until he got off the train and was replaced by Jorge Javier Vázquez without much success in the edition anonymous.

Mercedes Milá at a gala of Big Brother

Are many years in which Mercedes Milá has been linked to Telecinco. Indeed, it is in the chain that has most worked. That’s why you feel hurt by not having been invited to the 30th anniversary of the chain.

“It turns out that to celebrate 30 years of Telecinco, and I have not received not a single invitation. And make it a party and do not know why and do not know how many. Do you think that is normal?“, he said angrily in an interview for “Espècies protegides” the last march 6 after being asked if he was comfortable doing Scott and Mila.

He is also angry with the few seconds that it comes out in the celebration video. Just a few seconds and at the side of the contestants of the first edition. The images correspond to the first Big Brother. “They have put a piece of the first program and the contestants. Yes, small in comparison with what that meant Big Brother”, he said.

However, Mila has an explanation as to why this has happened: “Now they don’t want to talk about ‘Big Brother’ because as had that problem with the complaint of the girl who… you know“. The Esplugues de Llobregat refers to the case of the alleged violation to Charlotte Prado inside the house that caused the leak to advertisers of GH VIP 7 and the subsequent cancellation of GH DUO 2.