Lightify: is available now set, the operation of the server


Osram has decided that the operation of the server, to smart light bulbs of the lighting system Lightify within 18 months of hire.

Osram defines the operation of the Cloud server to control your Lightify gateway to the 31. August 2021-a. The Company Ledvance it has completed the sale of the gateway at the start of 2019 at the latest. Is it justified to spend it with and the behavior of the user, the cross-Smart-Home solutions, the smart assistant, you prefer to individual systems.

The Smart+ products Ledvance, a part of which is sold under the brand names Osram, on the other hand, are, fortunately, other Smart Home platforms, and to the control of the voice assistant, suitable.

Lightify your clients are informed, through a Newsletter and be entered in a second step, directly in the App. Now you have to switch to a year-and-a-half, it’s time for a card to the Smart-Home platform, for its smart light bulbs and light fixtures, in the context of ZigBee-based Patterns of use.

In accordance with the 31. (August 2021) are only performed locally in the functions. An Overview of all of the affected functions is to be found here, and a few for more information about the court, click here.



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