María León has all the truth about Playa Limbo


María León it is one of the singers mexican most recognized that there are at the present time, the interpreter “I am” has one of the best voices in the entire country, and that has managed to combine with a lot of sensuality, however, thanks to its participation in the group Playa Limbo was that we could see his talent. And even though we are several years of being separated, ensures that even the want much.

María León he confessed with the Scorpion Gold, the whole truth about Playa Limbo, the reasons why he left the group, and pointed out that it was she who took the decision, to be truncated in your career, and not being able to take new opportunities.

María León told that while he was with Playa Limbo did various projects including a reality show on televisa, and a play, and the guys from playa limbo felt that the vocalist left, so they began to have some problems.

However, it was not until María León it gave her the opportunity to do the soap opera War of Idols,when the interpreter decided to leave Playa Limboand being a project of six months, the singer asked for a break, but it seemed unfair, so we finally left the group.

“I did casting for a series that I really wanted to do, because it was a leading role, at international level, and let me make music for the series…

…I told them, hey I will take this opportunity and there are two options, they can wait for me, or may continue, and nothing happens,” said Maria Leon.

Maria Leon and her relationship with Jass Reyes

Even though they are not the best friends in the world, Maria Leon said that Jass Reyes is a great singer, also said he still very much wants to members of Playa Limbo, and maintains communication with them.

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“I’m wanting to much, and are chingones, and they have a great singer Jass”Maria said Leon.