‘Mulan’: The first reactions they talk about how “fantastic” it is and their homages to the animated version

‘Mulan’ has become one of the remakes more daring, that has made Disney. The move away from the animated version, not the musical moments and Mushu, a couple of details fairly criticized, they could have done to fear the managers, who could be a bump at the box office. In addition, linked to this, the coronavirus, which has caused its release in China, a place fundamental to this tape for the history that is, has been cancelled indefinitely. However, it seems that ‘Mulan’ has won the hearts of those who have been able to see it following its premiere in the united States.


This Monday the 9th of march, was celebrated the preview of ‘Mulan’ in the united States and those who have seen her have already shared their reactions via social networks. Wendy Lee Szany of Collider highlights the “fantastic cast” and the “cinematography so beautiful and epic” it presents. For his part, Kevin Polowy of Yahoo Entertainment, who has seen the movie two times, he says that it is “great” and tilda as the “best reboot in the live-action Disney with a difference”. Many comment the “big and epic fights” that is, for which has obtained the qualification for over 13 years.

As to those still angered by moving away from the animated version, Angie J. Han, Mashable has even missed the songs. For her part, Kirsten Acuna Insider says “it does not matter that you do not have paints musical”even though I have “references subtle to the songs”. Stephanie Sheh has been one of the fans fortunate and commented: “I felt that my culture was treated with the utmost respect”. As a negative note, Michael Lee of Geeks of Doom says that it has some flaws in terms of editing and that “the camera is not enough for the scenes to breathe”.

“The cast of ‘Mulan’ is fantastic in the film. There are many small moments that make reference to the lively that will make the fans happy. A film very beautiful and epic. Had more fantastic moments than was expected. In general, a great way to re-tell the story of the lively and very fun”.

“I’ve seen ‘Mulan’ two times, and I must say that is great. It is easily the best reboot in live action Disney. Do I think that it is also the first epic battle of Disney? It is beautiful, it captivates, it is rich and empowering. The cast is excellent, and the direction of Niki Caro is awesome”.

“‘Mulan’ is the best remake in live-action Disney from ‘Cinderella’, and not I missed the songs. Find new aspects in a story that we already know while offering incredible action, heart and humor. Liu Yifei is explosive. Too! It is surprisingly sexy for a Disney movie. As an example: the sound “Oh my God” that is uttered in the film when Yoson An, took off his shirt”.

“‘Mulan’ is absolutely fantastic. Sufficiently different, with great action scenes, but with the heart of the original film. It does not matter that not even be a musical. If you’re a fan of the animated there are tributes subtle to many of the songs. I can’t wait to see her again”.

“I had the great good fortune to see ‘Mulan’. And I was struck by how much that I loved. It digs deeper into classic themes such as the family and women empowerment, more than I expected. I cried many times. I felt that my culture had been treated with the utmost respect. And the cast is fantastic”.

“‘Mulan’ is one of the best adaptations in real action of a classic animated Disney. Honor to the 1998 film and the ballad to modernize the themes of female empowerment and iconic scenes, while stands out with a great cinematography and the sequences of the battles are reminiscent of the epic wuxia. It has some flaws in terms of editing. The camera is not enough to let some scenes breathe. But ‘Mulan’ never loses the attention to female empowerment and the history between father and daughter. I liked it very much and I hope to see her again soon”.

“I had many fears of going to see ‘Mulan’, but the story line balanced, the powerful performances and the amazing cinematography made most of them disappear. Liu Yifei is a force of nature, the sorceress of Gong Li is an amazing sum and chillé by Yoson An. In my Top 4 remakes of Disney”.

The songs that are

The past February 29, os we reported that Christina Aguilera had recorded a new version of ‘My reflection’, one of the most iconic songs of the original film, and more exclusive material for ‘Mulan’. In this way we have already been able to listen ‘Loyal, Brave True’, the main theme of the film which will be during the end credits. However, this song will have its version in Spanish, ‘The Best Warrior’, and Disney Studios, THE us has offered to the full.

On the other hand, much has been rumored about if Liu Yifei was going to sing or not. Niki Caro for almost loose so was going to be. Thanks to user @dramapotatoevid we can see and hear a snippet of how the actress sings ‘My reflection’ in chinese.

“The main song from ‘Mulan’ in chinese”.

‘Mulan’ premieres on the 27th of march.