NetNewsWire: RSS reader is a seasoned veteran, comes to iPhone and iPad


The Feedreader NetNewsWire is back on iPhone and iPad: The open-source development with a modern user interface that has been implemented in accordance with the Mac’s debut in the past year, and now the jump to the iOS requirement to iOS, respectively iPadOS 13. NetNewsWire lets you Subscribe to RSS Feeds, as well as the Import and Export lists of feeds in the Format of OPML. The App supports currently there are two common RSS Sync services, in the form of Feedly and Feedbin), with more to follow later on.

The feed reader offers standard features such as reading view, on the background of the application of the update, an Option to Highlight and Share articles, as well as the sorting of the Feeds in that folder. The “Smart Feeds” to show all unread posts and all the news from the previous 24 hours.

The App comes with a set of commands with short, to the automation of Apple’s shortcuts to the Application you use. A special focus was apparently on the performance of the large quantities of subscribers to the RSS Feeds seem to have NetNewsWire does not slow you down. The iPad Version supports a large number of in the Mac Version of the well-known keyboard shortcut, a three-column Layout, and a split-screen view of the operating system.

The new version of NetNewsWire is available as a free App on the App Store to Download it. The step is intended to support the “open Web”, as well as the development of high-quality, open-source Apps for the iphone, ipad and mac os, which is written by the developer Brent Simmons. The user should be able to support Paid-for Apps from developers, the Indie.

NetNewsWire has a long and rich history With the launch of the ipod in 2002, the Software was one of the first RSS readers, and it was several years later that the world is far and away the most popular rss feed reader Software. Also, a Version of iOS, there was a time, in the Application for the iPhone that was found at the Beginning of 2008 in the App Store. After the two owners of the Name “NetNewsWire to change,” meanwhile, back at Simmons’ Hand, which he had developed for the Application in the first place.