New trailer for ‘Jungle Cruise’ Disney, with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt wasting chemistry


What a movie based on an attraction at Disneyland? It might sound like a joke from a satire of Hollywood if it were not for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ has already emerged out of this formula. So Hollywood is already a satire of Hollywood. The case is that Disney has worked out very profitable to the saga starring Johnny Depp, and now that the pirates are in low tide, so to speak, it is time to try another attraction: ‘Jungle Cruise’. Here’s a new trailer.

The Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra has spent years at the forefront of international films such as ‘The orphan’ or ‘Hell blue’ but this is the first major production he directs. And to the front of the cast is Dwayne Johnson, a safe bet at the box office, along with Emily Bluntalready starred for the House of the Mouse ‘The return of Mary Poppins’. They are the captain of a ship, and a scout will live a great adventure in the jungle while they play tug-of-war, demonstrating a chemistry that we caught by surprise. What we will see on the big screen when ‘Jungle Cruise’ hits theaters in the summer.

An expedition with that many names

Johnson and Blunt accompany them names like Édgar Ramírez (the Gianni Versace ‘American Crime Story’), the comedian Jack Whitehall playing a character gay (which came not exempt of controversy), Jesse Plemons (the magnificent Todd from ‘Breaking Bad’) and the legendary Paul Giamatti. Also sand he said that Quim Gutierrez premiered outside of Spain with a role that should be very small, because time is not in the notes Disney. We leave you with a few new posters, released this week, in which Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are still playing pullitas, in this case covering the faces of the one to the other.

'Jungle Cruise'
'Jungle Cruise'