Of the Shoe, the sensual winter 2020 strategy has worn it: Jennifer Lawrence

Only three months of the wedding, Cooke Maroney, our dear friend Jennifer Lawrence it makes shooting in the streets of New York with her husband and a pair of shoes, which are a true shot to the heart. This is the Almond Pumps the new pumps by Bottega Veneta, a pair of décolletées in punta hazel with paragraph to detect the gamma-curve and the curve, which are of a unique beauty. A look in the style of the new yorker, selected from the Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence with oversize coat in wool cloth-white, cashmere sweater and a black pants. But footwear this wonderful, the it-shoes are the highlight of the entire look. A pair of shoes from Bottega Veneta, the Almond Pumps, the collection pre-fall 2019. The special feature of these shoes, the heel is a glimpse of the curve that is reminiscent of a woman’s hips. In the present case. A pair of shoes cost about 700 euros, which would be a crazy woman every.

The shoes from Bottega Veneta worn by Jennifer Lawrence are can make the shoes, valuable to every outfit. Indossatele with a pair of skinny jeans and a long coat, camel, or with a longuette leather with a high waist and a white coat, the outerwear chic dell’The Winter of 2020. Jennifer Lawrence he showed us a pair of shoes happy every woman deserve it in his closet. A pair of it-shoes, which we enjoyed very much and remains at the top of the list of our desires.


The Almond Pumps by Bottega Veneta.


The star of the Hunger Games is for a couple of months, the knot wedding with a beautiful dress from Dior with the art dealer Cooke Maroney in a property in Rhode Island. The actress and Oscar is experiencing a time of rosy in his life, where in the first position of the man seems to be. With these shoes from Bottega Veneta has given us, one of the pieces of jewelry are indispensable dell’The Winter of 2020 we don’t want to book us. The rest of white, the shoes are true obsession of every woman.