PHOTO: so looks like Ariana Grande without the WIG, is Unrecognizable?

Ariana Grandeone of the great exponents of the pop music today is recognized not only for his impressive vocal talent, but also for its unmatched beauty that has been changing constantly, after that she began to wear various outfits. Now we bring to you one of the photos that many have not seen, and only the true fans know: ¡Ariana Grande without wig!

The american star Ariana Grande Butera began his career thanks to the series of Nickelodeon, “Victorious”, by his powerful voice and charisma when acting in her famous character “Cat Valentine” the young man quickly managed to climb to fame. Many times, your voice was compared to that of Mariah Carey; however, with the passage of time, Ariana 26-year-old managed to get his own vocal style that has catapulted as one of the best singers of this era.

But as well as her singing was evolving, so did her manner of dress and image in general. When Ariana Grande started her acting career remember with hair bright redbut she is not redhead natural. In reality, her hair color is dark, then you share an image that you can find on the internet and that only the true fans of the interpreter of “7 Rings” have seen.

Ariana Grande with her natural hair/Photo: Mui

Ariana Grande with her natural hair/Photo: Mui

The photo of a teenage girl Ariana Grande shows us that the music star is a woman with a natural beauty that has been transforming with the passage of the years. Now we all remember to Ariana Grande because of its huge and the cia, forming ponytail horse that almost always presumed in the events and in their music videos.

Ariana Grande and bullying

Something that only true Arianators (fandom) know of the singer of “God is a woman”, is that she suffered bullying when I went to school. His fellow the was teased and made jokes cruel that they came to have a great impact in the life of Ariana Grande.

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Unfortunately even now that is a women most successful of the music, still getting teased by the public and the press, as they on several occasions have stated that Ariana is “bald”and that is why you use many wigs and hair extensions; but that rumor is something that until now has not been proven.

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