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It is believed that the Leakage of the Pokéminer, then you will find in the files of the game, the Pokémon on the GO is now a list of pocket monsters, which was selected to be on the ballot in the next Days in your Community. When making the selection, you can’t see that, Niantic, followed the old pattern of a typical CD-type Pokémon.

Pokéminer lewymd has been found in the files of the game, the Pokémon you’re about to vote for the next couple of Days for the Community to choose from. From April to September, it is supposed, the following Pokemon you should be able to be selected from:


In June/July


In the gallery that listed the Pokémon that you see, and its development into a stunning Form.

Similar to the last Day in the Community in February, players will be able to vote again in the Community Life, the Pokémon of your choice by filling in a specific time period of time, the field of the research for the to your favorite. The Leaks are to be true, then breaks out of the Niantic and the pattern of the previous Community, the Day-type Pokémon, and throws in addition to the Pokémon Community, for the Day, took the Pokémon into the Mix, in the Form that has created some of the greatest.

As we all know, in the Community, and to be Hornliu, Porygon, and Karpador to be the favorite. On the other hand, it’s going to get a hard on that you have unique special attacks that are unlocked. It is, for example, in the stone, which was charmander, and co., to learn again, as is well known in the Community, in the Day of the attack. A part of the Community, will choose the Pokemon for the Metagame to be more relevant to you. Staralili you are responsible for obtaining, for example, a strong flying attack, could be a player in August/September in order to improve the flight Team, and you will no longer have to put up with the sweet-in to Moltres with its Legacy of the attack-from the sky sweeper.

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