published trailer with Scarlett Johansson


In the expectation that they immerse us in the so-called “Phase 4“dell’Universe, Movie, Marvelthe production has just distributed the first official trailer to Black Widow, where we see the heroine, who we already known, while he fought side-by-side with the other Avengers. This time, however, is with a new team.

Black Widow should from in Italy 29.a few days earlier than in the Us. But it is not sure, look at the emergency supply, which is connected with the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) that go into this program smoothly. We can only hope that this film can be on the big screen possible.

The new cinecomic turns Natasha Romanoff, real name Black Widow. To provide the face, the character Scarlett Johanssonreduce by a good two Oscar nominations 2020. The actress plays Black Widow from 2010, when the heroine was introduced in the film” Iron Man 2.

A new team and a new threat

The trailer that was recently released, shows a little taste of the adventure in the film, without forgetting the strong desire, Natasha, a regained normality. The film also shows some of the characters who does with Black Widow. Are:

  • Red Guardian (played by David Harbour, one of the most popular faces Stranger Things): it is a kind of Captain America would have. In the comics, the character has appeared several times, along with American politicians, and Steve Rogers.
  • Yelena Belova (Florence Plugh): partner in training the Black widow.
  • Melina Vostokoff (Rachel Weisz): a mentor and inspiration.

Yelena Belovain the comics, then the third Black widow. Many fans are under the assumption that it can be that you of all people, told according to the facts in Avengers: Endgamehappen to Natasha Romanoff.

The film is in the period between the start of the film Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity Was (in the situation then, quite calmly, in the light of the following facts). It is not excluded, then to the light of the facts, which have been excluded, from the other films. The team meets to defeat a terrible enemy, and Taskmaster. This villain has the ability, the forces of those in the vicinity. The enemy took possession Red Roomthe place training the Black widows.