Serious. Taylor Swift’s fight against this disease. And it is bad


Increasingly more the famous that open their hearts and lose the fear to speak out. The last example is the story of Camila Cabello, who recently confessed to suffering from stress and depression. And the following that has dared to tell you the whole truth has been Taylor Swift, who also wanted to take a load off. In your case, has revealed that she suffered from anorexia for a long time.

The american, which had its moment over a decade, is another victim of the pressure of the media and the people. That led him to put too much pressure on their backs, and made him lose all his self-esteem and your self-confidence. For this reason, he developed anorexia, as has been confirmed in the latest documentary, ‘Netflix’ which stars in, where he reveals his secrets.

They posted a picture of me in which I saw that my gut was too big…or someone said you looked pregnant…and that triggered her to stop eating,” reveals the singer and actress, when questioned by det. A problem that is already quite behind, and that has passed. Although not all, which is why it is still going to psychologists on a regular basis.

Swift is not rehabilitated at all, and is still afraid to fall. For this reason, works in escape, and don’t come back to suffer more than any other type of eating disorder. And, incidentally, also hopes to raise awareness among their followers, to not follow his example.

The people took with it

Obviously, nothing else on the news, it became viral. And little or nothing took the people in solidarity with Taylor, sending a good number of shows of support and affection.

“Up to the famous suffering”, “Poor, with the good person who is” and “a Lot of courage for all those affected by this disease,” were the comments.