Sky-Ticket to use on multiple devices, it’s a little bit better


Anyone who has booked Sky to the Ticket and use it on multiple devices that you’d like to use it, it is a little bit more freedom of movement. To the contrary, the competition of the Series, and the First Video, the Sky’s the Ticket, it can only be used a limited number of devices. This is still the case, but, in the future, as more and more devices are selected in the list of devices that it can often be modified.

The job market

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  2. DB Systel GmbH, Berlin, germany

In the future, to Heaven, a Ticket can be used on up to five devices. This is not about use at the same time, but only for the Sky-card-Application-in-all, the full. Up to now, the number of devices allowed, it was limited to four. But the use of the Chromecast and you’ll be able to show you two entries, while the Chromecast without a mobile device can be used.

Anyone who uses it on the Sky, a Ticket to an Apple TV, a Tablet and a Smartphone with Chromecast, you can use the other playback device. In the future another unit can be used. In a lot of house, but might not be enough for the five devices are allowed in the practice.

The five-times-per-month devices that can be deleted

If, after the five devices, the other devices in the Sky, the Ticket is to be authorized, you must first be an existing device from the device to the management station. It has been so far, and only one time on a monthly basis, in the future, to the change of device per month will be allowed. Specifically, only one drive can be removed to make way for a new one. The Sky-tickets-help page on this topic will be updated soon, there is to find out the the old rules.

In the view of the Sky is the number of registered devices and of the five possible modification of the device for a month, so everyday use of the lot”he said that it is the provider of the the on-demand. If there are any customers because of this limitation, all of the problems, they are encouraged to contact the Sky customer service. To be able to help you.

Magenta and yellow TV-in with an absurd limitation

With these improvements, the Sky customers in the Ticket, the supply falls far behind the comfort of the competitors in the field of video streamingabos. Neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime Video customers so if you have to worry about how many devices you use in your Application.

The users of the services, Telecommunications, Magenta and yellow TV have to put up with a considerably worse condition than that in the Sky Ticket: on the Magenta / TV, up to a maximum of five devices are allowed. If the Limit is exceeded, you must delete the entire list of devices that fully. This exclusion is only five months old. In the case of service on a monthly basis, which is absurd. It may be easier for you to cancel and book a new Telecom account, rather than waiting for up to five months to elapse.

Sky-Ticket to the sound of the 4K resolution and surround sound

As of the end of February of 2020 when the Sky customer tickets to get, finally content in Full HD resolution. However, the content of the contemporary resolution of 4K if there is a Heaven for the Tickets to the clients, and also for the surround sound to pay for the Sky-the Ticket-of-leave to the customers, while the competition for years to come. At the end of 2019 at the latest, to the subscribers, in the Sky, a Ticket-of-stream on up to two devices at the same time.

The sky Ticket is available in three different versions. The Entertainment package, and access to all of the currently in the Sky in the series is available cost € 10 per month. For about 15 Euros per month, there is a Movie theater package; here, our customers have access to game film from the Sky. Anyone who wants to watch the two films, as well as the whole of Heaven, is as a book, and for 25 euros a month to pay for.

The third, a substantive leg to stand on in the sports broadcasting are. For 30 euros a month, which is the Supersport-month ticket for one month for all the sports content for the Sky watch.


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