Support for the Galaxy Smartphones, Samsung mobile phones, you will soon get no more Updates


In the example of the Samsung Galaxy tab S8 and the samsung Galaxy A7, it is a good idea to understand the System from Samsung with the above-described 3-year cycle the following is a rough Plan, but it not carved in stoneBoth of these models come in the year 2017, in the market – the samsung Galaxy S8 will, however, be some 3 years later, and in the monthly Updates (even though it is not an Android more than 10), while the samsung Galaxy A7 is now in the latter category, and you will probably in the next few months, all of this collection out, it is likely to fall.

The difference here is in the Detail: As with the Galaxy S series is the High-End models in the company is to be situated on the line of the middle class, that is, of course, is also reflected in the sales price. It is probably for this reason that the S models (as well as a Note of the serial number), are plus, with regular Updates. the supplies. Therefore, it can be assumed that the Samsung is off at S8, the Bracket is 3 years old and after completely, but it will reduce it.

In addition to this, the samsung Galaxy S7 (the date of release of 2016) is being conducted now in the second category (quarterly Updates), although it is likely that in order to get the proper rhythm, that is, in fact, there are no more Updates. The samsung Galaxy S6, which was launched in the year 2015, has been set up to Support it, however, after almost exactly three years (to 2018). Easy to imagine that Samsung is making the procedure of payment, which in the final analysis, the current user-dependent.