The cinema-risk areas by coronaviruses may only fill one-third of the capacity


The rising cases of coronavirus in areas of Spain has forced the Government to take measures to try to contain the spread of the virus COVID-19 as much as possible. In the case of leisure, the minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced the prohibition of the events and collective activities behind closed doors with more than 1,000 persons of seating capacity in the main affected areas: the Community of Madrid, Vitoria, Labastida (Alava) and The Rioja.


Other cultural and entertainment events, closed-door with less than 1,000 people will be forced to reduce capacity by a third. In this case it would include the cinema, which until now had not been affected by restrictive measures, and which neither showed a walkout by part of the public, having regard to the accumulated box office of the last weekends.

Premieres postponed

However, in recent days there are several movies that have decided to delay its release to avoid a meltdown. The more fat there had been ‘No time to die’, the new James Bond film, which has delayed its release of the global of the 3, April to November. To it have been added, for the moment, ‘Peter Rabbit 2: the vanishing’, ‘A friend extraordinary’, ‘Operation ‘ Shrimp’ and ‘The downside’. ‘Mulan’, which itself has been suspended for the time of its premiere in China, endures with the release set for the 27th of march in our country.

Outside of the high-risk areas, the events with “significant movements” of people will be studied case by case to determine what to do with them. In the case of sporting events, all competitions (professional or not) with large capacity should be conducted behind closed doors, without an audience, and those of less than 1,000 people, and the events of leisure and culture, should reduce the capacity to one-third.