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An example of the image of the micro-chip AMD-vs-Intel -

The AMD is running. While the Intel does not come with the years of delay of 10nm fabrication process, carried out with AMD on the evening of Friday at a conference of investors, and has provided insights into the tight product plan for the next few years. If Intel finally gets its own manufacture on the handle (see here), the Intel is not a good thing.

In the fall of 2017, with the increase of age, he began

Since the launch of the new Zen micro-architecture of the processor, and in the spring of 2017, things are looking up for AMD. The first of the Zen-Generation applications faster than comparable processors from Intel. In the game, the Performance, and he was still. These problems could be eradicated today completely. The processors are now used in applications much more quickly, and Play at the same speed, cheaper, consume less power and are significantly less core processors to the Intel processors. The reason why AMD has an advantage is the fact that Intel has to work to be opened in 2016, with an out of date manufacturing process. As early as in 2016, Intel will want to move to the 10nm technology, the smaller and the efficiency of the Chip with higher clock rates, should you allow it. It was not meant to be. The 10nm manufacturing process, Intel has been a Disaster. The income is not enough, and that it spits out at the end of the machine, it can’t be measured even greater than that of the Chips, which were manufactured with introduced in 2014 and 14nm technology.

This is for the Intel on the three problematic forms:

The smaller the structure, the bandwidth, the more channels on the same surface of the chip space. The 10-nm technology, is approximately double the number of Transistors that were in the area of the space, such as on 14nm. Intel can double the number of cores. The area that is relevant to the daily number of producible Chips. In addition to this, the performance is likely to increase, the smaller the chip area.

The clock rates are stagnating, while the basic architecture of the Chip is going to change very, very little. There is, thus, for customers, there is no reason to Upgrade, so buying a new Intel processor.

The consumption of power at the top end of the range of performance is wider than in the case of AMD, especially in the case of mainframe computers, an important factor is the cost.

AMD calculates that the production of 44% more expensive than Intel’s approach

AMD is a knock, however, is more of a peg. While Intel relies on a huge processor, which is a combination of all the cores on a single Chip in the AMD processors, and the processors on small Chips, each with eight cores. Of these, eight Chips can be combined in the form of a processor with up to 64 cores. This has the advantage that, in the event of a defect in the Chip, only a relatively small number of components that need to be disposed of, and there is a huge Chip with more than two dozen of the cores of the computer. Income, and, therefore, the margin of increase is, therefore, in the case of AMD. AMD even before you expect now that you will save up to 44% of the cost processors with up to 64 cores, therefore they were not technically possible in the first place.

Multiple security vulnerabilities in the Chip of your Intel processor. Researchers have discovered new security vulnerabilities, ranging from the possible to the reading of the data, and the manipulation of the data in the cache memory of the processor and chipset. Some of the Updates to the Software, which will reduce the performance of the system for it to. In part, in Hardware, the plug-in does not have to be sealed, gaps, and engage to return the lid to the operation of the components. AMD is also free of charge in all of those gaps where they occur, but not nearly as often as in the case of the microsoft corporation.

Intel plans up to 2023, will again be equal to the

No, just two days after Intel announced that in the run-up to the best production process for the next two to three years, and abandoned, and it led to AMD’s own Roadmap, for the next three years. For Intel, that seems like a bad thing. By the end of 2021, Intel wants to move to a 7nm process with contract manufacturer TSMC, where the AMD is over. Even though Intel’s 7nm should be better than that of TSMC, but TSMC is now down to 5nm, and the plans for the year 2022, with 3nm. Only a 5nm process, Intel is expected to be the world leader in the production processes. Then, at some point, in 2023 or later. So far, Intel is hoping to once again be competitive and attractive, the processors for the servers. AMD is out there, it is, of course, you do not have a free Hand. The production capacity of AMD can be accessed, it is not enough even to cover the demand. However, Intel is likely to drop by up to 2023 is hard, which is the part of the attack on the high margins in the server business, to keep up.

The new processors and graphics chips from AMD this year

AMD’s plans are, however, in order to bring out later this year, which is an enhanced Version of its own processors on the market, and to move on to the next year for a follow-up to the generation of 5nm. The prices for the same consumption of energy by 15% to over clock it, or, in the case of the same stroke and a 30% energy savings on the fee will not be possible. In addition to that, the Chips will be smaller, so that the AMD can do it by a Wafer, the more Chips, you are finished. The costs are falling.

At the end of this year to the show in addition to this, the new graphics chips from AMD, to provide for the consumption of energy to 50 percent more Performance than currently available products. If it’s possible to beat the competitor from Nvidia, it remains to be seen, however, is doubtful. Because of its new graphics chip Generation is also to appear this year, and has until 2018 presented to the previous generation, was the fastest of the AMD-2019er’s Generation. An increase in the share of the market for graphics cards, but it wasn’t enough. The aspect ratio can be increased, by 2019, starting from a more modest 18.8 percent to 31 percent.

Better graphic chips, in a technologically superior processor, up to 2023, increasing market share in all market segments, AMD is fine. It remains to be seen whether AMD can continue to grow in the economic downturn, more. This is due to the weakness of Intel, a likely, but not certain. If it were possible, it would be AMD in the next few years, and is a good candidate for a rise in the price of the stock. AMD estimates that the sales from now on by 20% each year to increase and become more cost-effective. This year, the goal is to grow from 28 per cent to 30 per cent has not been paid, even though the Reservoirs. Chart-technically, it’s an attempt to escape 48,50 is the oldest of all of the time, it’s a failure of the dot-com Era, but it’s only for a time.