The director of ‘Onward’ reveals the easter egg hidden in the film what’s new with Pixar, ‘Soul’


As usual from Pixar was launched on the big screen with ‘Toy Story (Toys)’, each film studio animated has hidden an easter egg announcing the next project that I had in the oven the company. Therefore, with each new premiere are many fans who begin to look for all the nods and easter eggs that make your movies feedback.

‘Onward’, the new film about the world of fantasy, I was not going to be an exception, and the director of the film (Dan Scanlon) can attest to that. In his last interview for the podcast Empirethe filmmaker wanted to talk about the difficulties they suffered at the time to put an easter egg of ‘Soul’ (forthcoming premiere of Pixar), in the movie starring Chris Pratt and Tom Holland.

Easter egg 'Soul' in 'Onward'

“There is a performer of jazz ‘Soul’ called Dorothea Williams. Our film has no humans, so we think, “how are we going to get a nod here?” But if you look closely, you’ll see an element connected to the character who will give voice Angela Bassett”said Scanlon on the strategy followed. “At the beginning of the first act, when Barley is running to clean the game that Colt Bronco has broken down, you can see that the family Lightfoot has a lot of albums. The album is a album of Dorothea Williams. I thought, this is a good place to put it”.

Jazz time

Luckily, this year we will be able to enjoy two premieres original from Pixar. ‘Soul’ will tell us the life of a musician who has lost his passion for the music is transported out of his body and must find the way back with the help of a soul the infant learns about itself. The main characters you will voice Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey. For the moment, ‘Onward’ is already in theaters and ‘Soul’ will hit the concert halls of spain on August 7, 2020.