The director of ‘the new mutants’ denies that there have been reshoots


Since, in 2017 began the filming of ‘New Mutants’ of the hand of the studio Century Fox, many news stories have been peppered with the filming and post-production of this work. Josh Boone put behind the wheel of this spin-off with touches of terror of the universe ‘X-Men’ and it was expected that the title will arrive in theaters during April of the year 2018.

But with the score of purchase and the subsequent acquisition of Fox by Disney, the release of ‘The New Mutants’ was cancelled (due to conflicts with the movie universe of Marvel) and spent a year until the team was informed about the new plans for the premiere. Now, Boone has been able to talk with EW how were those months uncertain:

'The new mutants', reshoots

“They all said they made new tweaks. We’ve never done new shots. And I will tell you this: if there had not been a merger, I’m sure we would have made new tweaks in the same way that all films do. Not even we did that because when it was melting and everything was settled, they were all older, commented about the young cast (Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Anya Taylor-Joy)… who starred in the film.

Quarantine information

Up Maise Williams spoke on the possibility that the study will change the tone of the tape with new shots or montages. “The film is exactly the film we set out to do. I was nervous when they talked about re-recording or reissue to be a very different, but honestly, that is exactly what we set out to do. It was a situation sometimes strange to only receive information from the film from the headlines of the news”.

Something similar happened with Boone, who suffered the lack of information and began to shoot his next project without knowing what would happen with the above: “We had not heard anything due to the fusion,” added Boone about the situation between Fox and Disney. “It was a silence of about a year in which we did not have any new information”“When they called me just before you go to make ‘The Stand’ and I said: “how will you come to finish the movie?” I told them: “I would love to finish the movie!” ‘The New Mutants’ hit theaters Spanish on April 8, 2020.