The fake SD card you can erase all of the data that is stored


Out of space on your plate?” SD cards can be added to the classic hard disk drive. However, if you use the wrong product, you could be in for a nasty Surprise. We’re going to explain that to the buyers of the problematic memory card is able to detect it.

If you need the space on your computer, you can make use of external storage media like SD-cards can be found, and quickly. Especially online, many cheap deals to be found. Users should note, however, that a lot of other things. After all, the people who buy the fake memory card, and uses it, you can lose, in the worst case, even data.

The price

The trade magazine “c’t”, he said. He was appointed to the questionable Sticks and cards, and tested it out (4/20). This proved to be USB Sticks with allegedly one or two terabytes of capacity for an SD memory card, supposedly with a 256-or 512-gigabyte (GB) of each and every one for less than ten euros, in Fact, it doesn’t give you a Fake Flash memory more than 32 GB in size.

Even worse is the fact that users are only a small fraction of the promised capability on-board storage: for those Who suspect nothing, and innocently enough, more than that, for example, up to 32 GB of data in a false, media-type, destroy it without knowing all of your data. Because of the False Medium is full, it starts off easy to describe the again.

As for the incorrect storage of the media, in order to detect

Since the counterfeiters Logos, model names and symbols of the well-known manufacturers in the printing, in their Clubs, and cards for shopping, they are the best protection against Failure, in order to know the current prices for the actual Flash-memory media: this Is a real product, and the cost of the 32 GB of the storage capacity from the current level of around 12 euros, as much as it is a usb flash drive as well as SD and Micro-SD card.

Up to 256 GB of memory, depending on the type of the storage medium is between 40 and 45 euros, and 512 GB of memory, and it is in the 90-to 135, -€. And with 1 Terabyte of capacity, ranging from 160 to 400 euros. To 2 terabytes in size, can only be found in the form of a USB stick, for about 950 euros.

Typical of the fake USB memory sticks also have the outdated-USB-2.0-interface is reported to be – even if it’s a Fake store that are advertised with USB 3.0.

The true size is revealed by a Test of the Software

Due to compromised the Firmware of the storage media to your computer, the capacity shown in the case of the Fake flash drives and cards are not to be trusted. Here, it is best to do a test in Windows and the program H2testw, but it is supposed to use only 50 GB will not be tested, so that the process is going to take a long time.

More memory is not connected, according to experts, it is now on the wrong means of communication. In General, it is the first error that occurred after the first 4, 8, 16, or 32-verified GB. A similar program for macOS computers, it is F3.