The home videos of the Queen Letizia that have no paste eye for this you see!


March 10, 2020
(12:46 CET)

The scandals are piling on Royal House. Or rather it would pile up in the king emeritus Juan Carlos I. The monarch is the last day in the spotlight and is even subject of debate in the Government of Spain.

While from United We Can require to investigate the matter related to the 100 million in commissions that would have charged you Juan Carlos on the part of the government of Saudi Arabia and that would have led to a account to Switzerland, Pedro Sanchez and the PSOE would you like to leave the topic closed with ignition key in a safety deposit box and pull the bottom of the sea.

The emeritus would have put that money in the name of Corinnain a decision that can be crucial to clarify the matter. And that is if the lover of Juan Carlos speaking…

The princess Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein

Corinna takes the word

A Corinna of which some in the media have pointed out that it is about to report to the courts London the harassment that you are suffering from 2012after that I went out into the light if you travel with Juan Carlos Botswanawhen the latter went to kill elephants.

According to Corinnasince then he suffers a persecution that does not reveal some secrets of State that would shake up the Royal House. A pressure that in the past few weeks would have increased to a great extent.

The recordings that have to Letizia without paste eye

Reveals Corinna after that trip to see elephants (and kill them), received at home the visit of a specialized company, who indicated that they had received the order from Spainand they searched his home from top to bottom.

Left not a corner to investigate. And that these would be looking for some alleged documents that would shake up the Royal Houseincluding photos , videos, and recordings of conversations committed delatarían to Juan Carlos.

Juan Carlos I | EFE

In these last, moreover, we find declarations of Juan Carlos on some members of his family, as his personal relationship with Sofiathat keeps with Felipe VIand also what is your opinion about your daughter-in-law, the Queen Letizia. And eye, because they point the way to the left so bad that the former of Spanish Television is without paste eye.