The HP Indigo 100K & Platinum V12 of the New digital systems for the printing industry


Two new printing systems for the printing industry, HP has, in the context of vienna. In the case of the Platinum 100K, it is the first machine of the series 5, which is intended to Compensate the contractors, and with the start of the trade fair, will be available to you. It is designed for a B2-Format, and you should be able to go without any interruptions in the use of. Accordingly, the manufacturer will specify a volume of printing of up to 6000 sheets per hour, or a Million in a month, the fastest increase in Productivity mode. The print resolution is up to 812 dpi / 200 lpi – specifications for the digital printer, in addition to its analog competitors are there.

Also at drupa, HP is showing off her Platinum V12, is the first System to print labels in a series of 6. It is based on the new LEPX Architecture, Liquid Electrophotography), the manufacturer should be able to run, thanks to six rather than one, and at the same time, the work of Image Engine for the orders more quickly. In addition, the System can be found by using the twelve colours for the set up of the can during the operation of the exchange, and it offers a resolution of up to 1600 dpi. With a speed of 120 feet per Minute, you should be able to, with cameras in order to compete. The Platinum V12 will be released by the year 2022, in the light of the world.

In addition to this, HP will be showing at drupa, eight printing machines, it is to be in 2020: In the case of the Indigo 15K is a System for commercial printing in a B2 Format, while the Dark 7K and 7eco to SRA3+-designed Format. The machine-Indigo 6K, 8K, 25K, and 35K are specialized in printing and packaging. Added to this is the role of the printing machine, Washing 90K, HP delivers a scalable printing system for B1 Format.

Stone fruit is on the 16th. 26. In June, in the heart of Düsseldorf, which will take place. The technical details of all of the Washing machine, those who are interested you can find it right now At the same time, the provider updates its PrintOSXthe Market of the operating system, you have a new user interface, new applications, and with third-party vendors. In addition to this, the Tile is going to make it until the end of the year, in co-operation with the Microsoft Xiaoice 4000 free patterns ready to go.