The not-so-Smart Home is available now to disable the Server in the Cloud, behind the Lightify


The decision to participate in the Smart Home Trend is that a lot of the time it is not smart, you will soon get the Lightify-for-you feel of the customer’s available now it’s. The company moved to a Server in the Cloud, on the back of the remote control of the light sources anytime soon.

As the company has announced, which, however, there is still time: 31 pm. In August 2021, and then, in about 18 months, it will be moved to the Server. Thus, a number of functions that previously were carried out by the Cloud, the connection is dropped. However, there are a number of basic functions that can be controlled directly from the Smartphone App – as long as you have this one yet, from the Stores to the platform manufacturer to disappear in the next year or so.

In practical terms, this means that, for example, although it is a little bit of manual color adjustments can be made to the lamps, with a color control system is the selection of the works, though. In addition to the Lightify is not a click the light bulbs in your house of groups, flexible to allow you to, but you. The use of a timer or the Alarm and the light are also possible.

The substitution is feasible

A whole list of functions that remain the same, or is to be abolished, made available now available. It is also shown that the control of the Lightify bulbs, the language is no longer the operating system for the control of Amazon or Google. On the other hand, it can be set up in all systems, the Router, using the command that is to be welcomed.

And so you can make sure that you use the Lightify products, and even more so with a wide range of functions. Because you are going to be addressed by the industry-Standard ZigBee. If you’re willing to put in a System from another vendor that supports this, you can also use the lamps, and then, in the mountain, as well as a higher level of functionality.

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Light, Light, Light, Light, Led Bulb, Led Bulb

Light, Light, Light, Light, Led Bulb, Led Bulb
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