The sexual tension between Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond, and other curiosities of ‘Legends of passion’


In the mid-nineties of last century, Hollywood and the production system of the big studios still on the line to stand up for big names to put on their posters, with the intention of attracting audiences to the cinema halls. And if there was a genre that, historically, had a long journey in terms of the hook at the box office with star of renown, that was the melodrama-tinged epic.

Based on the novel of the same name, ‘Legends of the Fall’, in 1994 he premiered the film adaptation (named here as ‘Legends of passion’), which was directed by Edward Zwick and in whose cast included names like Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Julia Ormond, Aidan Quinn and Henry Thomas, who made this hybrid between western and romantic drama in an experience that marked an era and which we recall in the present special.

Legends of passion

Curiosities of ‘Legends of passion’

1 A project eternal

It was in 1979 when he published the novel written by Jim Harrisonand since then, the filmmaker Edward Zwick began to think about carrying out an adaptation for the cinema, something that cost him able to get ahead.

While he was building his own career, first in television and later in the film, Zwick had William D. Wittliff, Susan Shilliday to adapt to script the book. It was after the good reception of ‘days of glory’, 1989, when finally, TriStar Pictures decided to give the green light to the project, which finally ended to materialize in September of 1993, when the shooting began.

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2 Hollywood stars

Being still a project, the idea was to be able to capture the audience of the time was something that was in harmony with the directives of Hollywood: have a pair of protagonists with the hook enough to be able to be a success at the box office.

It is not surprising that, in a first moment, the producers had in mind Tom Cruise and Sean Connery to head the casting male ‘Legends of passion’, who could give life to Tristan and William Ludlow.

However, once the movie enters pre-production, the chosen they would end up being Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins.

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4 Looking for the space

The production wanted the filming to take place in Montana, but after you get estimates on what that would cost, he finally opted to move the shoot to the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, in Canada.

Despite the fact that the decision would make is to cut corners more than $ 2 million, the fact have chosen Calgary had much to do with your dry climate. To the surprise of all, and once started, the filming, the area experienced a series of rainfall that ended up giving a few record figures for the amount of rain that ravaged the place.

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5 A black eye

At the time of shooting the scene in which Tristan is beaten by a police officer, the actor who gave life to this hit without wanting to Brad Pitt in the head, causing you to end up with a black eye.

That had to make that screenwriters use to an explanation for that black eye, that would appear in the sequence that they had to roll below.

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6 Looking for actress

For the role of Susannah Fincannon-Ludlow, and unlike the preconceived idea of wanting to have two male stars to lead the cast, the producers had not thought of an actress renowned for being in the movie.

The role would be played by Julia Ormond, but before they had chosen him Gwyneth Paltrow and Samantha Mathis, who were discarded for the benefit of Ormond.

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7 Sexual tension

The director was the one who suggested Brad Pitt and Julia Ormond live together in the same home for the duration that the filming in Calgary.

As it arrived to confess the actor, this coexistence added several layers to the sexual tension experienced between the two during the filming process.

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9 Tristan adult

Brad Pitt was subjected to a makeup test that envejecería to give life to the Tristan more adult, but the result did not convince the director.

For this reason, and taking into account that it would appear in the scene, together with a bear (drawn), it was decided that the responsible for giving life to the protagonist in his adulthood, was Doug Seus, the trainer of Bart the bear, and who are less at risk could run to the time of being in front of the camera next to the animal.

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10 Reception and awards

Of the 30 million it cost, ‘Legends of passion’ got to collect at the box office more than 160 around the worldbeing a success to the producer.

However, the film it would receive mixed reviewswhere always appreciated your photography, and is attributed as a negative aspect of a script that needed to be too repetitive in terms of the abuse of the melodrama.

The title it was nominated for three Oscars in the categories of techniques of Sound Mixing, Art Direction and cinematography, winning the latter.

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The strength of the epic

This would be the second adaptation of a work of Harrison, as in 1990, Tony Scott had directed ‘Revenge’ starring Kevin Costner and Madeleine Stowe. And it would be by its direct association to the epic, so that ‘Legends of passion’ would go on to form part of that group of titles that tried to move the public with the perfect mix between romance and the relevant fee historical elementsin the line of ‘dances with wolves’ or ‘the last of The mohicans’.

In this blockbuster, Hopkins played to William Ludlow, a colonel who has raised only to their children, Tristan (Pitt), Alfred (Quinn) and Samuel (Thomas) on a ranch isolated in Montana. With the First World War as a backdrop, the lives of the family will change completely with the arrival of the bride’s brother small, Susannah (Ormond), whose appearance dinamitará family ties.