The Software update for the samsung Galaxy Smartphone: Samsung launches the main Android Patch

Google has published in its monthly Patch update, for the safety and security of the March of the Android, many of you spotted in the month-on-month, the security gaps in the information that is available directly from Google. Updates on a monthly basis to find for the Samsung, and to adapt them to a home of its own Galaxy Smartphones.

The Updates will usually appear first on the Top models, but also many of the older devices get the Patches as of yet.

With the March Update fixes several vulnerabilities in the Android operating system the one who, as a critic, and 19, to high to be classified as. The detailed contents of a February Patch that can be found on the website of the brand.
We offer you the Upgrade to your first Smartphone models and to Download, as well as for the Galaxy-S-10the Galaxy-S-10-Plus –the Galaxy S10e and also for the The Galaxy Note 10the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 the The Galaxy Note 9as it is, among other things, SamMobile reported. The all-new Galaxy S20The series, which arrives on the market in March, which should have the Patch already on the Board. Most Galaxy models are to be followed; a list of all the handsets that will be receiving the Patch, I expected to find you in the course of the text.

In order for your device to be protected against security vulnerabilities, you should install the Updates in a timely manner. The Installation is usually done Over-the-Air, without requiring the Smartphone to be connected to a Computer. A corresponding note is to inform users about the availability of security updates. As an alternative, that is, in the settings of the System it is possible to manually check if an update is available. Also, please, please, please, please note that the Updates are often replicated in multiple waves and did, vary widely from country to country, they become available for use as soon as it is possible that the Update is only at a later time. In addition to this, you will need to download the Update over Wi-Fi to save on data volume, since the updates usually include several Hundreds of Mb in size.

For any and unnecessary the safe to sleep is the risk that, then it makes sense to install the security updates are available immediately after they are posted. The new features include the Updates in the rule, however, there are some exceptions. So, we took their Top Smartphones with an update to the security in the past year, some of the new features of the camera, such as a built-in QR-Code Scanner.