The strategy of the brand, the Chinese manufacturer ⊂·⊃

The Chinese Smartphone-forge-Xiaomi has made itself meanwhile a name. The manufacturer has two basic lines of the programme: the Xiaomi Mi -, and Xiaomi Redmi. In part to Xiaomi and the Redmi to be called, also, to distinguish one from the other. So what’s the difference? Let us prove it to you.

A long Smartphone of the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi’s Android-here is a secret tip among experts, and it is only through Third-party providers, and the downloads available on the Internet. In August 2019, Xiaomi is also represented officially on the German market. In the meantime, the manufacturer is the same as the number of the manufacturer of the Smartphone with the best selling devices in Germany and Europe, according to Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. In 2020, the company plans to open the first of a German E-Shop in the centre of the Town.

Anyone who is interested in a Smartphone from Xiaomi, one first has to find that the manufacturer sells its devices under two different sub-brands. The Xiaomi and Redmi. However, for the second time, it seems to be, as opposed to the Xiaomi Mi -, and Xiaomi Redmi.

But the two sets are different, in fact? We’re going to do a comparison, and explain which of the two serial devices from Xiaomi to you, it’s the right thing to do.

Xiaomi’s Mi and Redmi: One manufacturer, two brands

In the beginning, you may recall that Xiaomi operates, with its two product lines, two different Smartphone segments and target groups. The provisions of the E-series is comprised of all Smartphones in the upper and upper-middle-class. In comparison, the Xiaomi with the Redmi series offers a good Smartphone for a beginner and intermediate class, the prices are very reasonable.

Other manufacturers make similar ones. Samsung, for example, in addition to its top-of-the-range models in the Galaxy S series is also available in the Galaxy series from the data in this program. Huawei offers high-end Smartphones in the P series, with its Y-models also provide an Alternative to a small handbag.

The abbreviation “Im” stands for “Mobile Internet”. As a company, Xiaomi was established in 2010, has initially focused on the development of Software for mobile devices. The result, the Android operating system-based MIUI (Mobile Internet User Interface (ui) has been. As of 2011, the company has also introduced its first Smartphone under the Label of Im. The first Redmi Smartphone was released in the year 2013. During the past year, the Redmi is a sub-brand of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has been under the Label of E, however, it is not only Smartphones, but also other smart devices such as the v-Band to 4 in the range. Many of them are, however, at the present Time, especially in the domestic market in china.

Xiaomi’s Mi and Redmi in terms of Design and Material

At first glance, the Xiaomi Mi and Redmi Smartphones are very similar. They have a similar basic Design, and the colors are often colorful, created some of the greatest available to you. The Distinction, however, is in the materials used. The current Xiaomi Mi smart phones, all of them have a back made of glass, a frame and the buttons are made of metal.

In the majority of the Redmi smartphone and the back frame, and the keys are made of plastic. Just for the luxury of Redmi Note models, will also get a box of glass donated to the organization. Also, in a turn-of-View, such as the Mi-10 is a look at the models, the Redmi is in vain.

Xiaomi Mi-vs Redmi Screen and camera compared

In addition to that, when you bring up the differences between the Xiaomi’s Mi and Redmi models are starting to show. While the luxury of the Im model that is consistently an AMOLED Display, it has to reach out to the less expensive brother of the Redmi, usually with a simple, one-Screen IPS. While the resolution is the same for both of the series in FULL is very high, it’s Mi Smartphones by higher brightness and significantly higher contrast ratio.

The camera that you have with the Redmi Smartphone, and in comparison with the v models, is also involved, at least in part. All the latest Xiaomi Mi devices that you have at least a single camera, with a 48 MP sensor as the primary. The current model is the top of the Mi Note, 10 also has a Five-camera, such that a module having a five-Lens-and 108-MP sensor on the main one. The oldest of which is now available on Redmi-Smartphones have a Dual camera with a sensor of 12 MP on the Redmi and 7, and for at least 48 MP on the Redmi Note, 7.

But, The Redmi Note, 8T, 48 MP, Quad-camera, and the Top model, the Redmi Note 8 Pro, a Quad-a camera with a 64 MP sensor in the primary, which Both have an angle of 120 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens with 8 MP. Thus, the Smartphone may not frame the cameras on the front of the Great, if you need to make a few concessions. At night, the Zoom or the wide-angle mode to the Redmi Smartphone.

The comparison of the current top Smartphone from Samsung or Huawei do not need to be afraid of, especially because of the price. And it’s not a coincidence: the Sensor of the main camera comes, in part, also, of the Samsung.

Xiaomi Mi-vs Redmi terms of the performance of the equipment, and

The performance of the Xiaomi turns on with the Mi Smartphone. They are all over the Board with the super-fast Snapdragon Octa-Core processor from Qualcomm-equipped kitchen. The 9-Im, and Im, 9T Pro had at the time of writing, the Snapdragon 855 at the time, the fastest processor in the Smartphone world. The Redmi smartphone, the company relies on the older and slower Snapdragon processors, you can keep the price down.

In this category, out of the middle-class devices that are so equipped, but very, very good. An exception to this is for the Redmi Note 8 To the Pro. With the Dancer in the G90T Games, the processor in the Pro model series is equipped for even the most demanding tasks.

Also to the memory of the Mi’s Smartphones are equipped with a little bit better. Whether it’s memory or on the internal storage, the Xiaomi Mi Smartphones, many times you will have more GB’s of RAM and GB ROM. The battery Power of Xiaomi’s power, happily, without compromising on the Redmi series. Most of the models in both sets have a battery with a capacity of 3,000-4,000 mAh battery, and, perhaps, in the near future.

Of course, both the Im as well as the Redmi Smartphones, LTE for fast mobile Browsing of. The first phone with a 5-a Smartphone, however, the Xiaomi Mi-Mix 3 and 5. However, in Germany, it is official, it is not yet available. All of the models in both series, supporting Dual-SIM. As for the operating system, the manufacturer’s own MIUI, which is based on the Android os.

Conclusion: the Two classes for each

No doubt about it-the Xiaomi Mi-models of Smartphones with top-level technology and performance at a very good price. And some also come with a special Feature, such as a Pop-Up-Selfie-camera.

Its the little brother of the Redmi can’t keep up, however, you come for the money and excellent value for money and better still Offers. Those who can do without the faster processor and a better camera and a cheaper Smartphone addiction, then the Redmi is still worth a look.