The Teams at Microsoft to collaborate in the future with Skype


With the Teams at Microsoft, and he shall be as of the end of March, to talk to people on Skype and make VoIP calls. However, the service will only work in this direction, to make contact with a Skype account Teams, users, is not provided.

Accessible to, or searchable by users, and then in your E-Mail address. The function is initially disabled by default. You should be able to use Office 365 as an Administrator. In addition, the users should be notified by E-Mail, reported Dr. Windows

With the introduction of the Teams, the Microsoft had already announced that the Skype for Business Version will go on the board. This is done at the end of it, until 2021, at Microsoft, sales and Marketing Manager, James Skay advised users in the past year to make the move.

The team is constantly being expanded. More recently, the service has received a close link with Outlook. In addition to this, a video call, in real-time, closed captions can be added to it. Cursing Microsoft to auto-hide.

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