The terrible disease from which Taylor Swift is trying to secretly


March 09, 2020
(19:55 CET)

Taylor Swift with all the awards and making history in the music, seems to have a perfect life, but the reality is different. The singer from Pennsylvania has gone through difficult times in secret, in addition to the illness of her mother, there is a problem that comes affecting from some time ago, and she has revealed.

The terrible disease that Taylor is trying to is anorexia. Revealed to have a disorder in your diet, which even limited their stage for some concerts.

In his documentary called Miss American, which premiered during this year 2020, made the confession: “They posted a picture of me in which I saw that my gut was too big…or someone said you looked pregnant…and that triggered her to stop eating”. So began the revelation, denoting a certain weakness to criticism.

In addition, prolonged his comment saying: “I Felt that I was going to pass out at the end of each concert, or in the middle of it. Now I’ve noticed that if you eat you have energy, you’re more strong, you can do all these concerts and don’t feel bad”. A complex moment which appears to be surpassing.

Taylor Swift shows her side in solidarity

In front of the disaster facing the people of Tennessee, particularly in Nashville, with the turned that was all, Taylor has shown their maximum support.

According to what tells USA Today that he was in contact with the representative of the singer, the total sum donated was $ 1 million. Swift commented on the fact: “Nashville is my home and the fact that so many people have lost their homes, and much more, in the very center of Tennessee has been heartbreaking for me.”

Taylor Swift in your way of success, with many battles in between, do not lose the spirit of solidarity that his followers both love it. Will you be able to leave behind completely the problems with your weight?