Thor: Love & Thunder – it is also the guardian of the galaxy


The guardians of the galaxy, will appear in Thor: Love & Thunder

After confirming that Christian Bale within Thor: Love & Thunderthe Guardians of the galaxy have been confirmed for the film Taika Waititi.

To give, the message has been Groot in person, or Vin Dieselin an interview, said, something more than just “I am Groot”.

“I’m excited to see what new idea pregnant, my friend James Gunn”said Diesel while promoting his upcoming film Bloodshot. “Has just finished to direct The Suicide Squad, is now busy on this movie. In the meantime, told me of Thor’s 4 and has told me to integrate that to give you a hand with some of the guardians of the galaxy”. As stressed from the same Diesel, it is a message revealed completely new, hardly. “It will be very interesting, no one knows. Maybe I didn’t say that.”

thor love thunder guard 01

The message has, therefore, the impact is enormous. James Gunn together with Taika Waititi, the guardians of the galaxy in the next film Thor. There seems to be a natural development after we leave, the God of thunder, the Milan in the company Guardians of the galaxy. There’s not else to do than wait to find out, what is the role of star Lord and the others in this new adventure.

Disney has determined 5. November 2021 as the release date of the official is Thor: Love and Thunderwe see in the cast, among others, the receipt of Natalie Portman as I said, in the same Taika Waititishould be around the figure Korg. According to some rumors in addition to the role of the villain in the movie, could Jennifer Lawrence. The Lawrence-of-entries, was to interpret to Amora the enchantresshistorical enemy of Thor in the publications, the classic.

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