VR headset: an approved Index can be re-ordered


As the Valve is in a Twitter at the prospect, may be related to the VR Headset Valve is set to the Index you are currently on the Steam community. Previously, it was just after the announcement of Half-Life: Source over from month to month is not available. In the market, the Index was originally developed in may of 2019 at the latest.

It can also be ordered, however, it was only for the first customer on the night of Monday, the German also directly available on. The stock of goods was sold out in hours. For about eight weeks, the buyers of today expect.

Half-Life: Source appears on the 21. In march, in the year 2020. In the title, it requires no Index, but it is also the case with all other VR Headsets to play, and the SteamVR support.