When I was teaching karate to Steve McQueen and other curiosities of Chuck Norris


The action movie is riddled with aspiring star who stayed on the path, but only a few managed to succeed and be recognized all over the world. One of them is someone who needs no introduction, and the one that we have seen on countless occasions in small and big screen: the great Chuck Norris.

Curiosities of Chuck Norris

1 Training McQueen

Chuck Norris is a veteran, and has lived much. That, naturally, also led him to meet big celebrities, and one of them is the legendary Steve McQueen. But is not there the thing, and that is that Norris was a karate instructor, Steve and his son Chad. In fact, it was Steve McQueen who encouraged him to dedicate himself professionally to the interpretation.

2 Teaching to talk

His coach both voice and interpretation was Jonathan Harris: famous for her role in ‘Lost in space’. Harris had his methods, and one of them was stick your fingers into the mouth of Norris and having his mouth all I could. With this, he intended to “teach to talk”. The own Chuck has admitted that Harris is one of the few people who could go scot-free to do something as well.

3 His idol

We all have our idols on the big screen, and the Chuck Norris is a giant that the whole world knows: John Wayne. And is that both are a lot of similarities, because I always interpreted them to good characters and incorruptible, who did whatever was in your hand to achieve that the bad guys end up behind bars (or two meters under ground).

4 Chuck Norris Facts

The jokes about how strong and how hard that is Chuck Norris are no longer a novelty, but he even created a website to propagate all these alleged “exploits” of the good Chuck. His name was “Chuck Norris Facts”, and that is for sure we all know the odd joke about the star. In fact, she even got to wear one of them in ‘mercenaries 2’: “Once, Chuck Norris was bitten by a cobra. After five days of agonizing pain, the cobra finally died”.

5 Proud republican

Most will know that Chuck Norris is one of those few actors of the mecca of cinema that never has imported say loud and clear that it is right-wing. What you don’t know as much about the interpreter is that it is a very close friend of the Bush family, and has campaigned actively for George Bush, and, years later, by his son George W. Bush. In 2008, he also did not hesitate in supporting Mike Huckabee for the republican primary.

6 Dispelling the rumor

They said there that, in his day, Chuck Norris was offered the role of Sensei John Kreese in the first ‘Karate Kid’but what ended up rejecting because I didn’t want to get in the skin of a character so evil and brutal. However, in 2006, participated in a radio program in which he denied categorically that anyone had been offered the job.

7 Sources varied

As the majority of americans, Chuck Norris has blood very varied, from european countries. The origins of this natural Oklahoma dating back to a variety of countries, among which we find England, Scotland, Wales, and Germany. It is also said to have blood irish, and even cherokee.

8 A very different role

Can you imagine Chuck Norris in an entirely comic? Does it cost to get it, but, though it sounds like a joke, the martial arts expert was the first choice to play the character Network Are in the series ‘Those wonderful 70’. However, Norris was still busy with the recording of ‘Walker’, so we had to decline the offer.

9 Addicted to martial arts

Chuck Norris is one of those people that don’t like to get angry, because, if it gets silly, you could do a lot of damage to someone. And is that the actor is all an eminence in the various arts martial, and seems to collect black belts of very different modalities. In fact, it has come to founding two of his own martial arts: Chun Kuk Do and American Tang Soo Do.

10 A Walker omnipresent

For years, Chuck Norris was in all sides and, at times, literally. His character Cordell Walker is well known around the globe, but not only stopped in his own series, but came to do some other crossover. In fact, besides being able to see that same role in ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’, also had appearances in ‘Martial Law’ and ‘Sons of Thunder’.

Chuck Norris

The actor takes time to not appear in any film, but has had a film career as successful. Started to act at the end of the 60s, and for decades continued to the foot of the canyongive titles as well-known as ‘Delta Force’ or ‘Missing in action’.

Though, surely, even all those people who are not big fans of the tapes of action began to recognize it when it began to be issued ‘Walker’ in television. His image of a tough guy he has always been accompanied, and has been a dreaded name in the industry. And is that Chuck Norris never jokes.