Yalitza Aparicio was ATTACKED in the women’s march in CDMX


The mexican actress Yalitza Apariciohe could not do lack in the progress of the City of Mexico for the commemoration of the International Day of the Woman, who days before had announced through the social networks,

Remember that the Oaxacan Yalitza Aparicio was known for his participation in the movie “Rome” of Alfonso Cuaron, and recently shared a picture on his account of Instagram, which so far exceeds 70 thousand reactions.

It turns out that in this publication, Yalitza Aparicio writes: “We see in the #CarreraBonafont2020 in Guadalajara. I am so excited to celebrate with the mexican such a special day. Hope to see you at the finish! #LigerasYJuntasPodemos #CarreraBonafont2020 @bonafontmx”.

Aggression towards Yalitza Aparicio

As A result of that publication, it soon highlighted some aggression written that said thus: “Yalitza, sorry, what you are not mexican?” to which other users responded: “The same thing I thought, already feel european, asian, and albino”.

Someone else reminded him of the position he holds: “It is a pity that being an ambassador for the UN it was clear that this date is NOT celebrated, it is commemorated! Learn more Yalitza Aparicio, do not be swayed only by the support of the brands it represents”.

But that was not all, as another user said: “Think first what you write, you’re not mexican, Oaxaca is not Mexico. God, and that they are studied”, while another user made a clarification: “Not celebrating anything, is commemorated”.

On the other hand also had comments not as offensive as the recommendation made by one of his fans: “My dearest Yalitza, since you will be preparing-as they should, because we want to see her in another production. The rod is very high, do not forget that there is that improve always: “if today I was nominated, tomorrow I’ll take the prize. Kind regards”.

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It should be noted that Yalitza Aparicio through your profile official Instagram showed several snapshots with the testing that was present in the mega-march that he painted purple, the streets of the mexican capital.