Android and iOS: the blog is going to be spied on by their anti-tracking Tools


It is not an isolated case, and that the applications that you want to protect your users from bad to observers, even in the large-scale data collections in advance. The analysis of the various VPN and Adblocking Tools that show as well.

20 Apps for both iOS and Android, which have come from this area, which include, for example, the analysis module, Sensor Tower, according to us magazine, the news, buzzfeed. By an external service provider, this is the behavior of the hundreds of millions of users, with the data obtained in order to evaluate it, and then commercially. It is in the best interest of the users of such Applications, and the collection of the data.

These include the Application in question, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, it’s Free, Unlimited VPN, Luna, VPN, Mobile Data, and If the Focus. If the Focus and the Luna VPN’s have also been found in the Apple’s AppStore. After the operator of two major Mobile platforms-well informed about the Issue, that you have removed all the Applications that are part of its cross-platform, Download.

Without Transparency

A violation of the rules here, it is less likely that a user is Tracking is in place, and as such, is in a lot of Applications. The problem with this is that, on the contrary, the users were not told that the Sensor in the Turret of a collection of data that is stored in a time where the provider of the particular application, but in the case of a third-party, and then evaluated. Normally, this is something that should be mentioned at least somewhere in the long text of the data protection Directive.

The turret of the Sensor itself due to the fact that it’s only for the anonymous analysis of the information obtained is to be performed. The resulting findings will be used by developers, managers, and investors to take a picture of the development of the respective product. However, the modulus of the Trace, and there is a great risk. Because it works with the Root certificate that allowed it to dig deep into the data traffic on a Smartphone to be immersed in it, and in case of any doubt, personal information for you to read.

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Data Protection, Privacy, Anonymous Browsing, Private, Panel

Data Protection, Privacy, Anonymous Browsing, Private, Panel