Apple’s iOS holds a 14-hidden in the views of the a 9, iPhone, iPad, and more



Apple iOS on the 14th now we have a little bit of a blog post. Also, the information about the new on-ear headphones, are to be found in the source code. But this is not sufficient to pave the way for a brand new iPad Pro, you are there to find, you can use a Multi-camera.

Thus, the main objective of the lens, a sensor, a depth, an Ultra-wide-angle lens and a Telephoto lens off to the side. How is that for a Tablet to be truly useful, it is, of course, you should decide the all the to you. There are also a couple of new devices to Augmented Reality, you can be at making those decisions.

In addition to this, the iOS, 14, in a so-called iPhone 9, for a cheap entry-level Smartphone. That is, in order to stay in touch ID, and put it in Transit, for payments made with Apple Pay support. The target audience are likely to be the owner of an iPhone 6, are you looking for a cheap Upgrade. The name of the device that would, of course, be different in the end. Some sources refer to this model as the iPhone has a 2.

The source code refers to a new remote control for the Apple TV. As the data is missing, but it’s still like that. In addition, Apple is working on a new workout App to the Apple TV. You should make it possible to start the Tutorials for the different Exercises and training, and then, in front of the TV. The data should also be with the Apple Watch to sync with, as the Apple of the Music, logically should provide the perfect Soundtrack.

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In addition to this, there are also a few minor references to the Apple AirTags. Should be according to the current understanding, a little support for the Smart tracker that you can attach around your clothes or bags. The significance of this is, of course, you you you you you will find items to help. On iOS, you have to be in manageable groups. You should also have a battery replaceable by the user, the whole principle of it is very reminiscent of the Tile. Anyone who owns a current iPhone you should be able to find it in the AirTags AIR. Also, with the Sound of the little crawlers can do so to call attention to it.