Ariana Grande talks about her problems celebrating “Thank U, Next”

Ariana Grande celebrating the first birthday of his hit “Thank U, Next”.

And does so by exposing on Twitter the difficulty and the pain that he had to face this last year. As reported by the DailyMail is a true balance of its life that the pop star has made on the social network. In the day yesterday, in fact, has shared his thoughts with the fans.

Happy birthday “Thank U, Next”. I can’t believe I spent more time alone this year than I ever did in my life, I can not believe how many sessions have done with my therapist, how many times have I sung this song when I learned to heal as I still have to learn” he wrote the artist. The singer stressed as this last year has been “productive, emotional, wild and happy” and he thanked the friends who were nearby.

Great – the first artist with two albums that reach the 3.5 billion streaming on Spotify – it also has added to have a million questions, but feel good and want to share with your fans this special moment.

Ariana Grande has had to face various the vicissitudes of dramatic, personal and collective. The artist has worked a lot with his analyst after the attack to his concert at the Manchester Arena in may 2017. Later, in September 2018, has disappeared with her ex-Mac Miller. Ariana had stopped the relationship with him in 2016, and met with the then comedian Pete Davidson, and by starting with him, a love story, that ended in the period of the death of Miller.

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