Brad Pitt is single because she is his true love always Angelina Jolie


To dream of a romantic on around the world again. Why Brad Pitt, the beautiful of Hollywood, the man from the planet is single.

No girlfriend at his side, no appointments in the calendar, not in the mood on the space. Love can wait, Brad Pitt, at least for the moment. And to his name be denials that there is a history of love with Alia Shawkat, one of the last of the flirting they had been allocated, both the approach, held the with Jennifer Aniston.

Brad Pitt: why you speak again, Alia Shawkat?

Brad Pitt, Alia Shawkat

Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat. Photo LaPresse/Ap

The alleged relationship between the Hollywood stars and the actress in the thirties dates back to when the two visited an art exhibition in Los Angeles. Now you refute the relationship, which we think TMZupdated gossip site.

Revealed: there are no on the side of Brad Pitt that also Alia Shawkat. The two would be the two went out, attended concerts, visited museums and galleries, as indicated by the post Instagram together activist Meral Melika Duran.

With them in the art gallery, where they were seen together. But it would be nothing more. All Platonic.

Like the other love-story, which were assigned, after the reunion with Angelina Jolie.

No return of the flame with Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston to the Sag Awards 2020. Photo Getty

And if you think, that, saved, Alia Shawkat, his heart beating again, for one of the most important women in his life, Jennifer Anistonchange the pure idea.

The American press reported that between the two there has never been a setback. Of course this warm hug, the Sag Awards, he’s all over the worldwe think that, in fact, the feeling between the two, it is never finished.

But, be assured TMZdespite the feeling, showed this evening, and to the same parties, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are just friends.

You think only of the children, and back to Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their six children (between adopted and natural). Photo: AP

In fact, there is a reason why the movie star has to live in the second floor of his love. Sources close to shown to the Oscar winner that it is in this period of his life, Brad is taken by others.

It’s a lot more involved in the lives of the childrenis with you that he is the greatest part of his time and devotes many of his efforts.

Then there is the work and the possibility of enjoying, at last, farewell to the dependencies. To achieve what has never been accomplished, if she was bound, with Angelina Jolie, the great (true) love of his life. If you were a family…