Brie Larson: After rumors of his departure from Marvel, DC wants to to a movie


Brie Larson prepares to return to give life to Carol Danvers in the sequel Captain Marvelbut that has not managed to quiet the rumors of his alleged departure of Marvel, the degree of which may be being considered by Warner Bros., and DC to star in a tape with them.

Brie Larson: After rumors of his departure from Marvel, DC wants to to a movie

Brie Larson would give life to Lady Blackhawk

According to the site, We Got This Covered, Brie Larson would be in the crosshairs of Warner Bros to give life to Lady Blackhawk in the Universe-Extended DC, whose only equivalent in the world is the Universe Film Marvel, which still belongs to the actress and main rival of the study that gives life to Superman in the film.

The site also detailed that Brie Larson is not the only candidate for the role, but it seems that is the favorite of Warner and DCthanks to the experience gained in Marvel giving life to a superhero, as well as the resemblance between the two characters.

Warner Bros. has not confirmed these rumors, and neither have given details on how it would be to the project, either a film solo for Lady Blackhawk or submit it as a member of the Society of the Justice of America, in which case it would appear in the tape “Black Adam”, which will explore the origin of the enemy of Shazam.

Does Brie Larson leave Marvel?

Although the rumors of the departure of Brie Larson the Marvel Universe have not ceased to circulate, almost from the premiere of Captain Marvel, up to now neither the actress or the studio have made statements.

The same site, We Got This Covered – whose predictions in the film are often fulfilled – disclosed the alleged plan to get rid of Brie Larson and replace it with a new Captain Marvelbut nothing is confirmed.

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