Call of Duty: black ops, Warzone shopping, train stations and Killstreaks


Call of Duty: black ops Game it has a Money System that allows players of the free-of-Battle-Royale-Shooter with new content.

It is important for you to know that the Cash System has been fully integrated into the game and not micro transactions.

You come in as a player at the beginning of each round of the game with zero dollars. During the Lootens of weapons, equipment, and much, much more, you can also cash in a variety of amounts of encounter. The game is presented with money by the stack of smaller amounts of money, and for the most amount of money with proportionally higher.

The whole game revolves around just such a time and money (the monetary system), you can purchase equipment and other items, for the purchase of the stations on the map.

You buy the stations from Call of Duty: black ops Game

The buying stations are located in various locations all over the Map and it is distributed, and can easily be found. You’ve found the Station in your area, you can select this via a Ping from the System to the whole of the Team.

The one who makes the buying stations to buy? With all of the money that you need, you can purchase these machines on certain items, such as a Killstreak. Because Killstreaks can’t be like the Multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” for a certain number of points. In the Game you have to buy them on that machine. With a little luck, you and a Killstreak for when you have the Loot, but that only happens rarely.

Each player can only make a Killstreak with it. Buy more than one you will have for the rest of his team-mates. You can also find it in money, it can be divided up among the individual members of the team. For example, all of the players, they can put the two together to buy a Killstreak in the game.

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These Items that you can buy in a vending machine:

  • The Plates Of The Armor-The Bundle (Plate Armor Bundle) $1500
  • The Coat-Of-Arms Fire (Shield, Tower): $2000
  • The Cluster-Impact Cluster Strike): §3000
  • Gas Mask (Gas Mask) $3000
  • The Precision Of The Air Strike (Precision Airstrike): $3500
  • The drone (UAV): $4000
  • Reanimationskit A Self-Revive Kit) $4500
  • The Box Of Ammo (Ammo Pack): $5000
  • The Supply Of Package Of Equipment, Drop The Marker) $6000

You can also get free stations and a lot more in Call Of Duty With the call of duty warzone hacks.

“Killstreaks” in Call of Duty: black ops Game

As mentioned above, the Killstreak is in a war zone, it can only be purchased from the vending machines or Loot to be found. In addition, all of the Killstreaks in the Multiplayer mode of Modern Warfare in the Game are no longer available.

There are also a number of different options for Killstreaks and some of them work very similar to the Multiplayer mode. For example, there is the well-known light, is marked, however, it is only within a small Radius of the enemy for your Team. It is shown, that is not the whole map, but only a very small area in the vicinity of his / her team.

Game can already be seen today, as it is a Free-to-Play title for the PlayStation 4, Xbox and PC. All of the images from the “Call of Duty: black ops Game” on you in our photo gallery watch.