Cardi B is the lever on the wig and the spear of the audience at the Wireless Festival

8 July 2019

Cardi B he ignited the stage of the Wireless Festival London with a performance that has all the right to enter in the history of music. This time no scandalous wardrobe malfunction, but an incredible gesture of a hair choreography, in the middle of the concert the rapper “Press” raised the long wig and launched it to the public in the delirium. The most fun part? Now he wants it back!

Cardi has published a video of the epic moment on his account Instagram – and not the will never be enough grateful to you for having done so:

I WAS OVERWHELMED…I Want back my wig/ Write me in private”he wrote in the caption.

I wonder if the lucky fan will decide to return the wig or not. In any case, That performance!

ph. getty images

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