Command & Conquer: the story of the very first pieces to show up on the 5th. In June


Command & Conquer: the story of the very first pieces to show up on the 5th. In June
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The Command & Conquer re-mastered 25 years after the first part of a strategy to it is a polished veteran of the ‘ 90s. The new version includes the two games of the Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Command & Conquer: Red Alert, as well as the extensions of the undercover Operation, Counterstrike and The Aftermath of it.

Journal of graphics, and streaming video

How Electronic Arts is featured in a recent Trailer has been renovated on both sides of the chart. The same can be said for the Intro and the scenes. In terms of implementation, it is told in the ad, just for “real” 4-lip-gloss”. In the new issue of the Petroglyph Games, has been entrusted, and in whose Studio many of the original developers of Westwood Studios ‘ work. The Soundtracks have been reviewed by Frank Klepacki, who composed the Soundtracks to the original, completely. In addition to this, the parts of the game.

With the renewal AND the following of the current Trend, the next, and Capcom, with the release of the Resident Evil series minus Game to the game Mastered for and for Warcraft 3: The Reforged (the Test), and in the next. The new version of Warcraft 3 taken recently, however, a serious criticism.

The launch on the 5th. In June

The new version of Command & Conquer to 5. In June it appears on Origin, and Steam. Pre-orders are available from today as possible. The game seems to be as the standard digital version for the price of about 20 Euro, with the present as the Special Edition for 60 dollars, as well as a 25th Anniversary Edition for about $ 150.

To the requirements of the system, the new edition is shown to be small, so that, for example, the CPU usage is around 12 years old, the processors will be sufficient.

The system requirements for Command & Conquer the Remains